The Group of companies «INVENT» is an example of enterprise that
for a few years has made its way from a young electrotechnical company
to an engineering and production holding company of national importance.

The Group of companies «INVENT» is one of the largest production and engineering holdings whose products and services are focused on energy infrastructure facilities. The leading enterprises of the company are located in the suburbs of Kazan, in the Technopolis «INVENT», the technopark of the Tatarstan Republic scale. More than a thousand workplaces have been created here on environmentally friendly, efficient, innovative enterprises.

8 plants and 5 divisions

  • Division of cable and wire products («TATCABLE» plant); 
  • Electrotechnical division («INVENT-Electro», Tatarstan Electrotechnical Company - «TatEK», Urusa Electromechanical Plant - «UEMZ»); 
  • Thermotechnical unit (Tatarstan Thermal Insulation Plant - «Tatteploizolyatciya»); 
  • Construction and assembly division (Electrical Line - «E-Line»);
  • The metalworking division (ITS Metalware - «ITS MK», Zainsky Plant of Metal Structures - «ZZMK»).

more than 1300 employees

People working in the company.

12 bn rubles

Revenue in 2016.

16 bn rubles

EBITDA in 2016.

All of the subsidiaries are incorporates bu one goal and development strategy.

Up-to-date manufacturing and management techniques combined with synergistic effect being the result of incorporation of enterprises into group, enable INVENT to hold leading positions in the market.

Leonid Reznikov

CEO, Group of companies INVENT