The plant is an enterprise that produces switchgear equipment and substations.


The enterprise comprises powerful production in the field of metalworking, manufacturing of low and medium voltage switchgear equipment as well as package distribution (DS) and transformer substations (TS) in concrete, sandwich cladding and containers.

Project department

  • Internal and external power supply by the voltage up to 220 kV
  • Projects of reconstruction, modernization and increase of ongoing production capacity;
  • Projects with application of electric power equipment, automation and control of the electric lighting equipment;
  • Architectural and construction solutions;
  • Special parts of project documentation;
  • Estimate documentation;
  • Designer’s construction supervision;

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Production of electrical equipment                                     

Modern facilities provided within the area of more than 3500 of sq.m. allow us to produce low and medium voltage switchgear equipment, to conduct tests, develop switches and new cubicles up to 35 kV. 
Production capacity is up to 340 of  PS, SOM, LVES per month. Products of the plant are certified in accordance with Russian and international standards. The enterprise complies with State Standard (GOST) P ISO9001.

Production of substations

Production capacity is up to 75 of the  Unitized Packaged Single Transformer Substations (UPST), PTS and Packaged and modular buildings per month.

Total area is 3 000 sq.m. Monolithic and metal housings and containers.

Substations are equipped with switchgears of one-sided maintenance (SOM) and low voltage electrical switchboards (LVES) as well as with automatic technological process control system (ATPCS).

Engineering and Service Centre

  • installation supervision;
  • installation;
  • construction and installation works, commissioning;
  • adjustment;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • technical support;
  • training.


  • Certificates of PJSC «Rosseti»;
  • Certificates of PJSC «FSK»;
  • Certificates of PJSC «Gasprom»;
  • License of Nuclear power government corporation «Rosatom»

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