The latest technologies are introduced here to make it possible to manufacture the products of a high-quality according to the world’s standards. The factory is equipped with the most modern machinery made by internationally leading companies. All processing operations are performed in one workshop with minimal costs to transport parts due to following a clearly determined route.




The particular production technology that is applied at the factory provides the means of manufacturing products with high accuracy in accordance with the given parameters, which helps to maintain stable characteristics of the cables while keeping reasonable material consumption.


When developing new types of cables and conductors, TATCABLE factory bases them on both worldwide tried and tested newest technologies and its own know-how and solutions.

Our competitive advantages:

  • Development of integrated solutions for our customers
  • The possibility to manufacture conductors with cross section up to 2500 sq.mm
  • Production of very ling factory lengths per drum with flanges up to 4000 mm in diameter.
  • The cable products are certified and approved to be utilized by JSC ROSSETI, The State Corporation ROSATOM, JSC ROSNEFT and others.
The cables and wires manufactured by TATCABLE factory carry the required certificates of conformity to international and Russian standards as follows: DIN VDE, GOST-R, IEC.


 The factory comprises two Design and Manufacturing Engineering Departments which are responsible for development of low- and medium-voltage cables (1-35 kV) as well as high- and extra-high-voltage cables (110 kV and higher). Also these departments are in charge of working out unique solutions which are to be copyright.

Own laboratory

TATCABLE factory has its own lab which permits measurements and tests to check that the products meet specification requirements as well as to control incoming raw materials.

Every completed cable manufactured by the factory is a subject for all-out control which is exercised during routine tests

The factory supplies its products to such companies as PJSC ROSSETI, PJSC GAZPROM, PJSC SETEVAYA COMPANIYA (a grid company), etc., as well as to Kazakhstan and Belorussia.

The existing Quality Management System complies with the international standard ISO 9001-2008.

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