Tatteploizolyaciya (TTI)


Tatteploizolyaciya is one of the largest factories in Russia for the production of pre-insulated polyurethane foam (PPU) pipes and fittings with a diameter of 32 - 1 220 mm in an outer protective shell of low-density polyethylene or 32 - 1,400 mm in galvanized steel (connected by «pipe-in-pipe» system)

Today «TTI» achieved performance for the production of more than 1500 r.m. insulated pipes a day and fittings to them.

  • Manufacture of PPU pipes
  • Shaped products
  • Shrink sleeves

Uniqueness of products:

  • service life of thermal insulation - at least 30 years;
  • wide operating temperature range (from -80 to + 130 ° C);
  • low thermal conductivity of PPU;
  • system of operative remote control;
  • reducing the cost of laying the pipeline.

Uniqueness of technology:

  • the possibility of manufacturing products which have non-standard parameters;
  • production of tubular products with a high degree of adhesion;
  • design and installation works, commissioning of the object «key-in-the-door».
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