Zainsk plant of metal construction


Designing and manufacturing of building metal structures

The plant produces columns, trusses, beams, crane tracks, overpasses, platforms for various purposes and complexity. These are public buildings, agricultural buildings, warehouses and hangars of all sizes.
The use of band saws, machine plasma and gas-oxygen cutting of sheet material in the technological process (the thickness of the cut metal can reach up to 150 mm.), welding of metal structures in the environment of carbon dioxide by welding semiautomatic devices allows to increase productivity and quality of labor.

Production of enclosing elements of buildings and structures

Production of enclosing elements of buildings and structures - "sandwich panels" with fillers made of polyurethane foam and mineral wool (basalt).

Production of regenerative air heaters

Production of regenerative air heaters - devices designed to heat air sent to the furnace of the boiler unit, in order to increase the efficiency of combustion of fuels due to the heat of the exhaust gases. They are widely used in boiler plants of thermal power plants and in furnace units of industrial enterprises.

Production of anchor-angled and intermediate lattice supports

Production of anchor-angular and intermediate latticed power transmission towers at 35 kV, 110 kV, 220 kV, 330 kV for the construction and reconstruction of power lines.

High quality and reliability are the main advantages of the products manufactured by the plant. There is also an important factor such as the geographical location, which allows you to deliver completed products to any place and convenient location.