Our Mission

The Group of companies «INVENT» is an example of enterprise that
for a few years has made its way from a young electrotechnical company
to an engineering and production holding company of national importance.


Our mission

Creation of new opportunities to develop our clients by providing them with up-to-date high technology products and services.


Our objectives

Integration of production, service and trading enterprises of INVENT Group into a united "production-and-supply and service-and-consumption" network to improve the efficiency of business activity processes and to achieve the most complete satisfaction of needs of our clients. Creation of a powerful brand of a modern production-trading group of enterprises, operating in a competitive environment.


Our approaches

We have only highly skilled and experienced personnel working for us. We provide conditions for constant improvement of professional skills of our personnel. We are oriented to long-term relationships with our clients and partners. Our aim is the most complete satisfaction of our clients. We are in constant development. We introduce new technologies; use the latest achievements of science and production industry and employ the latest methods of management.


Foundation of TatEK plant and INVENT trading company

The founding of the first electrical plant - LLC «TatEK» («Tatarstan Electrotechnical Company»), specializing in the production of transformer substations with capacity from 40 to 2500 kVA in block (concrete) execution and TD «INVENT» (Trading company «INVENT»), which is an wholesale enterprise retail trade of electrical and lighting products.


Foundation year of Technopolis INVENT

Group of companies founded its own production Technopolis INVENT in Tatarstan.


Foundation of INVENT-Electro and UEMZ plants

Establishment of two electrical plants of GC «INVENT» - LLC «INVENT-Electro», one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in Russia and LLC «UEMZ» («Urussu Electromechanical Plant»), specializing in the production of transformer substations from 100 to 1600 kVA in metal (sandwich) design and small shield equipment.


Foundation of Tatteploizolyaciya plant

The plant LLC «Tatteploizolyaciya» was built to produce pre-insulated polyurethane foam pipes and shaped products with a diameter of 32-1220 mm in an outer protective shell of low pressure polyethylene or galvanized steel (pipe-in-pipe system).


Foundation of TATCABLE plant

«TATCABLE» plant, the largest one among the enterprises manufacturing cable and wires, was founded from scratch.


Cable for 330 kV and Vacuum switchgear for 6(10) kV

Two enterprises of Technopolis «INVENT» mastered the production of a new line of equipment. LLC «TATСABLE» start to produce high voltage cable 330 kV, while LLC «INVENT-Electro» started the production of its own vacuum switchgear and recloser for 6(10) kV.


Foundation of RCI and ITS MK plant

Regional engineering center in chemical technologies was founded. The factory LLC «ITS MK» was founded to produce containers, wells. In addition, with possibility to produce metal structures for various purposes.


Cable for 500 kV and opening of the first high-voltage station in Russia

Tatcable test laboratory was .High-voltage (up to 700 kV) test station was launched on LLC «TATCABLE» plant and 500 kV cable with cross section up to 1600 sq. mm. was produced

Inter RAO Group acquired the stake

Inter RAO Group acquired 33% stake of INVENT.