Vacuum recloser BP INVEL 6 (10) kV up to 1250A


Description of the vacuum recloser BP "INVEL" 

Vacuum switch BP "INVEL" for a rated voltage of 6 (10) kV and currents up to 1250 A, in which the vacuum serves as a medium for damping the electric arc. The vacuum recloser is designed for switching (switching on / off operations) of the electric current - rated current and short circuit currents (short circuit). According to the generally accepted classification, the recloser is a complete outdoor switchgear.

However, some features of the reclosers allowed them to be separated into a separate class:

  • reclosers are compact and can be placed on power line supports, do not require foundations and fences;
  • reclosers belong to the class of unattended devices, that is, they can work for years without the presence of a person, which is especially important for remote and remote areas. 
  • reclosers not only perform protection functions, but also possess the "rudiments of intelligence" - after an accident on the line, the recloser attempts several times power supply and, upon failure, sends a message to the operator

Advantages of vacuum recloser BP "INVEL" 

BP "INVEL" has absolute advantages over other types of switching devices of similar purpose:    
  • Full factory readiness; 
  • Automated work on the search and localization of damages on the line; 
  • High speed, considerable mechanical resource.
Functional and structural features of the vacuum recloser BP "INVEL":  
  • Recloser characterized by stability and reliability of shutdown, fire and explosion-proof, does not require maintenance, has a small volume, has a long service life. 
  • The design of BP INVEL is completely hermetic, which makes it water resistant and, therefore, most suitable for operation in cold or humid climates. 
  • Recloser BP "INVEL" can be equipped with two or three current transformers to protect consumers from short-circuit currents or exceeding the rated currents.  
  • Current measurement transformers can be installed on customer's request (separate option). 
  • ВР "INVEL" can be equipped with a three-phase disconnector, interlocked with a vacuum recloser, by mechanical interlocking from improper actions of the personnel.  
  • All three-pole support and traction insulators and current transformers are made of epoxy compound with silicone coating, which significantly increases resistance to high and low temperatures, ultraviolet rays, etc.
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