Vacuum switch VV "INVEL" 6 (10) kV up to 3150A


Description of vacuum switch VV «INVEL»

Vacuum switch VV "INVEL" for a rated voltage of 6 (10) kV and currents up to 3150 A, in which the vacuum serves as a medium for extinguishing the electric arc, is intended for operation in the composition of switchgears.         
Vacuum circuit breaker is designed for switching (turn on / off operations) of electric current - rated and short-circuit currents (AC) in electrical installations. 

Advantages of vacuum switch VV "INVEL"

ВВ «INVEL» has absolute advantages over other types of switching devices of similar purpose:  
  • Security; 
Small dynamic loads, low drive energy, no gas and oil leaks, noiseless operation make it convenient and absolutely safe in terms of ecology. 
  • Autonomous work; 
The vacuum arc chute does not require replenishment of the arc suppression medium. This reduces the costs that go to the operation of the switching device.  
  • High speed, considerable mechanical resource; 
The main reason - the course of contacts (the distance between them) in the arc extinguishing vacuum chamber is only tens of millimeters. Mechanical resource - up to 30,000 cycles.

Functional and structural features of the vacuum switch VV "INVEL": 

The switch "ВВ INVEL" consists of a housing on which three poles of main current-carrying circuits with vacuum arc chutes placed in protective covers made of silicone insulating material are vertically installed. 

The movable contacts of the vacuum arc chutes are actuated by a spring-motor drive located inside the housing. 

On the front of the switch is the front panel, on which all controls and indicators are displayed. 

In the lower left corner of the front panel there is a marking plate containing the identification data of the switch. 

The circuit-breaker in the withdrawable version additionally includes plug-in contacts with sockets such as "lamellar contact", rod control rod and withdrawable trolley. 

Warranty obligations: 

INVENT-Electro ensures the compliance of the vacuum switch VV "INVEL" with the requirements of technical specifications TU 3414-018-82324057-2012, if the consumer observes the conditions of transportation, storage, installation and operation, established by the technical conditions and the operating manual.  

Warranty period of operation of the explosive device "INVEL" is 3 years from the date of commissioning. 

Warranty obligations are terminated: 
  • at the expiry of the 3.5-year warranty period of operation or operation and storage; 
  • when developing a switching or mechanical resource; 
  • when installing switches for projects not agreed with the manufacturer; 
  • in violation of the conditions and rules for storage, transportation, installation and operation of switches. 
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