Gas-insulated monoblocks INVEL


Description of gas-insulated monoblock "INVEL"

The gas-insulated monobloc "INVEL" for a rated voltage of 6 (10), 20 kV is designed to operate as a part of 50 Hz three-phase AC switchgears with an isolated or grounded neutral. Cells "INVEL" up to 630A are used in areas with a moderate climate under normal conditions. Climatic execution and category of accommodation - У3.1 (У3 - execution by special order). 

Monoblock "INVEL" from gas-insulated for secondary distribution of electric power, their use makes it possible to significantly reduce the areas and volumes occupied by the switchgear and provide an opportunity for easier expansion in comparison with traditional switchgears. 

The gas-insulated monobloc "INVEL" performs the functions of connection, power supply and protection of one or two distribution transformers with a capacity of up to 3150 kVA by means of a load break switch with the ability to disconnect the short-circuit currents. 

Benefits gas-insulated monoblocks:

  • Explosion and fire safety; 
  • High reliability and resistance to external influences; 
  • Possibility of installation in seismically active areas and areas with increased contamination; 
  • Absence of electric and magnetic fields; 
  • Multifunctionality (in one case combined busbars, switch, disconnectors with earthing disconnectors, current transformers, which significantly reduces the size and improves the reliability of the switchgear);  
  • Low operating costs;  
  • Safety and ease of use, ease of installation and dismantling; 
  • Long service life;

Functional features of gas-insulated monoblocks:

Cells are made, as a rule, in three-phase design and consist of separate elements enclosed in a hermetic metal shell of a cylindrical or ball-shaped shape filled with SF6 gas or a mixture of nitrogen and SF6 gas.

For functional purposes, SF6 monoblocks can be linear, bus couplers, voltage transformers and sectional ones, with one or two busbar systems. 

Cells, individual modules and elements allow the possibility of assembling monoblocks in various electrical circuits.

The cabinets are equipped with signaling, locking, remote electric control equipment, monitoring of SF6 gas pressure and feeding it into the cell, supplying the drives with compressed air.

Benefits gas-insulated monoblock "INVEL":

  • The biggest mechanical resource (3000 commutations), in comparison with all competitors; 
  • Maximum localization of production in the territory of the Russian Federation; 
  • The possibility of using a monoblock in all sectors: oil and gas, mining, chemical, metallurgical, generation, distribution and infrastructure (airports, railways, water channels, etc.); 
  • There are no restrictions on the RZiA block; 
  • Operator safety and user-friendliness (optimum protection against accidental contact of live parts, effective locking system, presence / absence monitoring system optically well-marked on the control panel indication of signaling about the switching position of power devices, installation without the use of a lifting mechanism, the possibility of expansion into both parties); 
  • Operational safety (all active medium voltage components are located in sealed, gas-filled compartments and therefore are insensitive to the effects of aggressive atmosphere, dirt, dust, etc.);   
  • Ecological compatibility (SF6 gas - inert and biologically harmless gas, spent SF6 gas can be reused, compliance with modern environmental requirements during the entire service life); 
  • Service life - 30 years; 
  • Small size.