Input-distributive devices of ASU "Electrologic" 0,4 kV up to 800А


Description of ASU "Electrologic"

"Electrologic" for a nominal voltage of 0.4 kV with air insulation are used to complete the distribution of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz. VRU cellsElectrologicup to 800 A are designed for receiving and distributing electricity, as well as for protecting the lines from short circuits and overloads.

Switchgears VRU Electrologicare completed from panels of unilateral service and can be single-pane and multi-panel. Scope of ASP: residential, public buildings and structures; administrative and household buildings.

Devices of ASPElectrologicare divided into input, input-distribution, input-distribution with ABP, etc. 

Functional features of ASU "Electrologic":

  • Input of a three-phase or single-phase electrical network;
  • Manual or automatic switching to backup power;
  • Distribution of electricity through three-phase and/or single-phase circuits;
  • Protection of electrical circuits against overloads and short-circuit currents;
  • Electricity accounting in three-phase and single-phase consumption circuits;
  • Operative switching on and off of the outgoing electrical circuits.

Features of ASU "Electrologic":

  • Design:
VRU Electrologicconsist of panels of unilateral service, in metal floor or hinged shells.Facialpanels provide (when opening the cabinet) the class of protection against contact with live parts up to IP65.

Feeding cables to floor cabinets are introduced from the bottom of the VRU"Electrologic", the output of the outgoing cables is made through the cover or from the bottom.Power cables to hingedcabinets are inserted from above, and the output of the outgoing cables is from the bottom.
  • Equipment:
VRU Electrologic are equipped with protective equipment and devices (mainly modular execution) of both domestic manufacturers and the production of leading foreign companies (Schneider Electric, Legrand, ABB, etc.), as well as their combinations.
  • Protective equipment on input:
As introductory protective devices can be installed depending on the type of execution:
- automatic switches;
- combination: automatic circuit breaker + residual current device (RCD);
- Differential circuit-breaker;
- protective shutdown device;
- Disconnector.

As a rule, as an input device in the ASP"Electrologic" up to 100A devices of modular execution are used.At the request of the customer it is possible to equip the devices with devices with similar parameters and technical characteristics of other manufacturers (Group Schneider, SIEMENS, ABB, etc.).
  • Accounting:
Types of active energy meters installed in devicesElectrologic", have an accuracy class of not less than 2.0 in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 51778-2001 and GOST R 51628-2000.
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