Low-voltage complete devices of NKU "INVEL" up to 6300 A


Description of NKU "INVEL"

Low-voltage complete devices NKU"INVEL" for a rated voltage of 0.4 kV with air insulation are used to complete the distribution of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz. Cells of NKU "INVEL" up to 6300 A are applied on civil and industrial facilities as MDF, ASU, SCHSN, SCHPT for overload and short-circuit protection, as well as for control, measurement and signaling.

NKU INVEL one-way maintenance stationary and/or withdrawable circuit breakers, stationary load switches with fuses, current transformers, control and signaling devices.  

Benefits NKU "INVEL":

A variety of design and circuit solutions up to 6300A:  
  • Modularity of cells 0,4 kV NKU INVEL allows to produce boards of any configuration with different options for the separation of functional units. Cable and busbars can be fed in the lower or upper part of the shield;
  • Variety of schemes NKU INVEL allows to apply various technical solutions for each specific object (customer);
  • The possibility of using retractable blocks;
  • The possibility of using any switching devices: withdrawable, plug-in, stationary; 
  • Possibility of organization of automated process control system and automated metering system;
  • The possibility of integration into the control panel of the VFD, KRM, control panels;
  • Ability to input / output cable / bus from either side of the cabinet;
  • Possibility of double-sided maintenance of the cabinet;
  • Any configuration of bus bridges;
High reliability:
  • Through the use of modern switching devices, load-break switches with fuses, control and signaling devices, relay protection, high reliability of 0.4 kV cabinets NKU INVEL;
  • The uniqueness of the bus system (splitting of phases and special technology of docking tires).
Ease of maintenance:
Apparatuses are placed in stationary or sliding modules, all controls are on the front side. Control of operation and control are carried out without opening the doors.

Security of service:
The variety of design schemes allows to provide the required form of internal placement of functional units in accordance with GOST R 51321.1-2000. The presence of electromechanical locks prevents possible errors of maintenance personnel. Application sliding modules with equipment or installation of withdrawable devices allows them to service them without stress relief and ensure the safety of work.

Small size:
Modularity of execution allows to produce boards of small dimensions, which reduces the costs for the construction of premises for new switchgears (main switchboards, ASPs, SCHSN, etc.), and to modernize existing RUs without increasing the room volumes.

Remote control and data collection:
The use of modern microprocessor protection units, switching devices, makes it possible to integrate the switchgear on the basis of the NKU INVEL n the automated system of the control and the account of the electric power (ASKUE), system of telemechanics, SCADA-system.

Quality assurance:
Delivery of low-voltage complete devices NKU INVEL is carried out in the form of transportable sections of full factory readiness. High quality of used components and factory execution allowed to significantly increase the service life of NKU INVEL and reduce the amount of operating costs. Service life NKU INVEL is at least 25 years.

On the basis of NKU "INVEL" can be built:
  • main switchboards (MDF) for currents up to 6300 A; 
  • control boards of motors for currents up to 2500 A. 
If it is necessary to install NKU INVEL In rooms with an ambient temperature below -25 ° C provides for the placement in the panels of heating elements that ensure normal temperature conditions of the equipment and automatically turn on.
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