Distribution point power supply of dead-ends RPPT-825V "INVEL" up to 2000A


Description of RPPT-825B "INVEL"

The distribution point of power supply of dead ends RPTT-825V "INVEL", intended for the production of switching of de-energized sections of the traction network in the dead ends of subway lines.

Constructive and functional features of RPTT-825B "INVEL":

РППТ-825В "INVEL" is a metal cabinet with swing doors. In the open state, the doors provide access to the disconnectors. Access to the input power cables is provided when removing the upper lining. 
In the compartment of the disconnectors there are disconnectors, busbars, for connecting cables. 

Input of power cables into the switch cabinet is carried out from above, not more than twenty, with a maximum external diameter of 55 mm. At the same time, the cables are secured to the structure and their input is sealed. 
The design allows the connection of not more than two cables per pole of the disconnector. 

Access to the auxiliary circuit compartment is made from the end of the switch cabinet when the swing door is opened. In the auxiliary circuit compartment, terminals for connecting portable devices with a voltage of 42 V and a socket for a portable telephone are installed.
Connection of power cables to the design of RPTT-825B "INVEL" is made with cable lugs (blade type) with a distance between fixing holes 40x40 and 50x50 mm, fastening with bolts M16.  

In the cabinets of the disconnectors a bus is provided, with a cross-section of at least 40x4 mm for connecting shields of power cables. The bus is isolated from the housing. The design provides a jumper for connecting the bus to the housing.
Doors in the closed position are fixed by the handle and the lock of electromagnetic blocking. On the door there are observation windows for visual monitoring of the disconnectors position. On the door there are also windows for manual control of the disconnectors, with the help of a detachable handle, these windows are blocked by an electromagnetic lock. 

The two-pole disconnectors and earthing switches are controlled manually by means of the control levers of the disconnectors located on the front panel of the cabinet. 

The design of RPTT-825B "INVEL" is repairable and provides: 
  • accessibility of equipment and contact connections for inspection and maintenance; 
  • dismantling of equipment to be replaced.  
The design of the RPTT-825V "INVEL" cabinets makes it easy to connect the cabinets with each other (using cable jumpers, in the case of a spaced installation of RCPT cabinets). Cable jumpers are not included in the scope of supply.