Section of depot subdivision POD-825V "INVEL" up to 4000A


Description of PSD-825V "INVEL"

The section of PS-825V "INVEL" section is intended for sectioning the traction network sections of the subway, the depot section of PSD-825V "INVEL" is intended for sectioning the sections of the traction network of the subway depot.   

Constructive and functional features of PSD-825V "INVEL":

Disconnector cabinet PDD-825V "INVEL" is a metal cabinet with a removable door inside which is installed a disconnector with manual drive, a busbar for connecting cables and a compartment of auxiliary circuits with a separate door.  

The switch cabinet is divided into the following compartments: 
  • the compartment of the disconnector; 
  • compartment of auxiliary circuits; 
In the disconnector compartment there is a disconnector, a busbar, for connecting cables. 

By way of connection POD-825V "INVEL" is divided: 
  • left - the cables of positive and negative input are connected to the left, the cable of negative output on the right; 
  • right - positive and negative inputs are connected to the right, the negative output cable is on the left;  
The positive conclusion of PSD-825B "INVEL" is executed by a double copper bus of rectangular cross-section with a size of 100x10 mm and connected via a flexible compensator to the contact rail. Sealing input is provided.

The design of PSD-825V "INVEL" allows the connection of not more than four cables with an external diameter of not more than 55 mm, to the pole of the disconnector. 

Connection of power cables to the PSD-825V "INVEL" construction is carried out by cable lugs (blade type) with a distance between fixing holes 40x40 mm or 50x50 mm, fastening with bolts M16. 

The design of PSD-825B "INVEL" provides for a bus, section not less than 40x4 mm for connecting shields of power cables. The bus is isolated from the housing. The design provides a jumper for connecting the bus to the housing. 

DOD-825V "INVEL" doors are removable with a rubber seal, which secures the enclosure of the disconnector. In the open state, the doors provide access to the power circuit compartment. The door is locked in the locked position. On the door there are viewing windows, closed with plexiglass, for visual monitoring of the disconnector position. 

The control of the disconnector drive is manual, carried out by a detachable handle, mounted on the drive shaft, through the window, in the door of the switch cabinet.

PSD-825V "INVEL" is connected to the contact rail via a flexible compensator (not included in the scope of supply).

The design of PSD-825V "INVEL" is repairable and provides: 
  • accessibility of equipment and contact connections for inspection and maintenance; 
  • dismantling of equipment to be replaced.