Wiring cabinet of ShPK-825V "INVEL" cable up to 5000A


Description of ShPK-825V "INVEL"

The cable connection cabinet ШПК-825В «INVEL» is designed to connect the cable of the traction network 825 V of the subway to the power supply without the organization of visible rupture.

Classification of ShPK-825B "INVEL":

ШПК-825В «INVEL» with one input, is a welded metal structure of unilateral service in which copper buses for cable connection are located, the bus of connection to the contact rail and the base. 
ШВК-825В "INVEL" with two inputs, is a welded metal structure of one-side service, in which there are copper buses for connecting the leads of the sheathing of the sheath of power cables, copper tin-plated buses for the connection of power cables, the bus to the contact rail and the base.  

By the method of connecting cables ШПК-825В "INVEL" is divided:
  • connection of the input cables on the left; 
  • connection of the input cables to the right; 
  • connection of the input cables to the left and right; 
In accordance with the type of performance of the SHPK-825V "INVEL", they are divided into:  
  • up to three connected cables; 
  • up to four connected cables;
By the type of doors ШПК-825В «INVEL» is divided:
  • with swinging doors; 
  • with sliding doors;
In terms of climatic performance and categories of location of ShPK-825V "INVEL" are divided: 
  • UHL4; 
  • V1; 

Constructive and functional features of ShPK-825V "INVEL":

The connection of the ShVK-825V "INVEL" to the contact rail is via a flexible compensator (not included).  
Connect the power cable to the construction of SHPK-825V "INVEL", carry out the tips, fix with bolts M16. The distance between the fixing holes is 40x40 mm and 50x50 mm.  
If SHPK-825V "INVEL" is made with climatic design U1, then a cable box is additionally supplied to protect the connected cables from atmospheric precipitation.