SRU-825V "INVEL" disconnector switch cabinet up to 4000A


Description SHROT-825B "INVEL"

The SROT-825V "INVEL" suction disconnect switch cabinet is designed for shorting the insulating joints of the running rails when the rolling stock leaves the dead ends.

Classification of SHROT-825B "INVAL":

By the method of connection of cables ШРОТ-825В «INVEL» are divided: 
  • connection of the input cables on the left; 
  • connection of the input cables to the right; 
For climatic performance and categories of placement of PP-825B "INVEL" are divided: 
  • UHL4; 
  • V1;

Constructive and functional features of SHROT-825V "INVEL":

Switching point PP-825 V "INVAL" (input / output cable) and the cabinet of the disconnector of the suction unit SHROT-825 V "INVEL", the main difference between them, the SHROT has a light signal on the auxiliary circuit door, the bus system can be executed to 5000 A (depending on the order). SHROT are a metal cabinet, with sliding doors in both directions.
Inside the cabinet SHROT-825 V "INVEL" there are installed: 
  • a disconnector with an electric drive; 
  • Prefabricated bus for connecting cables; 
  • auxiliary circuit compartment, with a separate door; 
  • bus for connection of leashes of sheathing of the sheath of power cables; 
  • fixtures designed for local lighting, two inside the switch cabinet, one in the auxiliary circuit compartment. The inclusion occurs in the auxiliary circuit compartment.
The number of connected power cables with a diameter of 52 mm per output is not more than two. At the same time, the cables are secured to the structure and their input is sealed.

To enter the cables into the switch cabinet there is a window, on the left or on the right, depending on the version, which is closed by the separating plates and the sealing sleeves.   

Doors, depending on the climatic version, for U1 are removable, for UHL4 sliding with rubber seal, to ensure the sealing of the switch cabinet. In the open state, the doors provide access to the entire power circuit compartment.

Access to the auxiliary circuit compartment SHROT-825V "INVEL" is carried out from the end of the switch cabinet when opening the swinging door. In the auxiliary circuit compartment, terminals for connecting portable devices with a voltage of 42 V and a socket for a portable telephone are installed.

The local control of the disconnector drive is carried out from the auxiliary circuit compartment. The manual control of the disconnector drive is also provided. Manual control of the disconnector drive is carried out by means of a detachable handle, mounted on the drive shaft, through the housing bearing in the compartment of auxiliary circuits. At the base, there is a place on the side for securing the spark gap. 

SHROT has the ability to control the disconnector from the control board SHROT-825V "INVEL". The connection of the secondary switching circuits SHROT with the control board SHROT-825V "INVEL" is carried out by cable (the cable is not included in the equipment supply). 

Construction SHROT-825V "INVEL" repair is suitable and provides: 
  • Availability of equipment and contact connections for inspection and maintenance; 
  • dismantling of equipment to be replaced.