Boxes of transposition INVEL


DESCRIPTION of transpose box and grounding of high voltage cable shield:

Boxes are designed for transposing shields of power cables with lines of 100-500 kV.  

Typical construction: 
  • Stainless steel housing with airtight cover; 
  • Three overvoltage limiters, 6 kV network voltage class; 
  • Seven sealed cable entries; 
  • Earthing of the device; 
  • Six insulators, rated voltage 10 kV; 
  • Copper communication buses between insulators; 
  • Sealed cable lugs for pressure testing. 
Depending on the needs of the customer or the schemes, the technical solution can be changed. 

Design features: 
  • Boxes have both underground (hermetic) and external execution with a screwed lid or door; 
  • The design allows you to install the box, both in horizontal and vertical position; 
  • The box is attached either directly to the floor, or the wall, and to the metal structure; 
  • You can connect the coaxial or single-core cables up to 300 mm 2 ; 
  • Manufacturing of single- and three-phase constructions of cabinets; 
  • Execution of cabinets with and without surge arresters; 
  • The box can be immersed in water (hermetically sealed); 
  • Degree of protection - IP68;
  • Weight - up to 58 kg;  
Installation must be carried out by a specialized installation organization. If necessary, installation and commissioning can be carried out by the engineering and service department of INVENT-Electro.
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