Racking wardrobes


Description of the closet:

They are used for the equipment of storage rooms of warehouses or production, they conveniently accommodate the clothing of staff and visitors to swimming pools, fitness clubs, locker rooms for gyms, sports and educational institutions. 
Cloakrooms have removable shelves for headgear, crossbeams, detachable shelves for shoes. 

The body is a welded structure of complex profiles. Thickness of metal housing 1 mm. 
The complex construction of the profiles provides strength and rigidity. 

  • Increased stiffness and strength; 
  • Simplicity and robust construction; 
  • The presence of a removable shelves for hats; 
  • Castle with an individual secret; 
  • Multiple coloring colors 
  • Thickness of metal: 1,0 mm; 
  • Type of installation: floor; 
  • Type of coating: powder shagreen 
  • Door opening angle: 90˚; 
  • Packing: three-layer corrugated cardboard.
  • ШРс-22/600 - 600 (width); 
  • ШРс-22/800 - 800 (width).