Control stations with variable frequency drive "INVEL" 0,4 kV


Description of the "INVEL"

The control stations of asynchronous electric motors of the SHCHP «INVEL» are complete low-voltage devices. They serve to protect and automate control of the given technological parameters, including smooth start of engines, reverse, smooth stop and control of the speed and torque in a given range on the shaft of one or several three-phase asynchronous motors, their cascading by means of frequency converters.        

The main principle of operation is based on the torque control of the motor by means of the associated voltage control in the stator of the induction motor when the frequency of the alternating current applied to it is changed. The motor can operate at a speed of 0 to the nominal speed at which it is calculated. This is important, since in some cases it is necessary to change the speed of the drive over time or to accurately withstand the process parameters while maintaining the set speed of the process unit mechanism.

In the function of the control station with frequency-controlled drive, the INCHEL "

  • smooth start / stop of electric motors;   
  • control and protection of equipment elements against unacceptable operating modes;   
  • integration into the composition of automated process control systems (ACS TP).

Advantages of a control station with a frequency-controlled drive SPDF "INVEL":

  • reduction of electromechanical and thermal loads on conductors and insulation due to limitation of the inrush current of the motor, no influence of the drive on other devices connected to the used network; 
  • the frequency converter, controlling the electric motor, maintains technological parameters at a given level, ensuring ease of use, maintenance and operation, improving the quality and range of regulation and ensuring the economy and reliability of the device; 
  • Reducing the cost of operating mechanisms by reducing mechanical wear, improving the availability of equipment and optimized electricity consumption (saving up to 60%); 
  • elimination of the probability of pipeline rupture by minimizing the likelihood of compression waves arising when fans and pumps are started; 
  • reducing the load on reduction gears, bearings, drive belts.
Typical control station with frequency-controlled drive SPCHP "INVEL" is a metal cabinet for wall or floor mounting with one-sided maintenance and IP protection degree in accordance with GOST 14254-96. The design of the VFD provides easy access to the assemblies during installation and setup.  

Depending on the type of circuit in the cabinet, power switching devices, protective devices, automation devices and directly frequency converters and soft starters of the control station of the world's leading manufacturers Danfoss, Vacon, ABB, Schneider-Electric, Siemens, etc. are installed in the cabinet. 

On the front side of the cabinet door SCHRP "INVEL" located controls and alarms, such as protection reset button, button, issuing commands to start and stop the drive, the label indicating the power supply voltage, signal armatures "Ready", "Start" or "Next", "Back", "Start End", "Overload", "Crash", a mode selector switch, ammeters, remote terminal, terminal automation module (HMI) and other.  

Cables for input and output of power circuits can be located both at the bottom and at the top of the cabinet.
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