Design of electrical installations


We develop: 

  • internal and external power supply with voltage up to 220 kV;
  • reconstruction projects, modernization, capacity expansion of existing production facilities 
  • projects using electric power equipment, automation and equipment management, electric lighting;
  • architectural and construction solutions ∙ special sections of project documentation;
  • budget documentation;
  • implementation of architectural supervision for construction.
The purpose of the establishment of this department was the numerous appeals of consumers of our electrical products for the implementation of related design work arising in the process of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of electrical facilities. 

The financial and economic and technical capabilities of the organization made it possible to recruit a team of highly qualified designers with more than 10 years of practical experience, equipped with the latest generation of computer-duplicating equipment, the necessary software and normative and technical documentation. 

Design decisions are made taking into account the experience and suggestions of electricians and installers, which positively affects their quality, as well as mobile response in the process of installation and modification of design documentation in the event of emergencies. In addition, the execution of design work as part of a single contract (commissioning of a turn-key project) for the construction of the facility provides a significant reduction in the terms of design and construction, provide direct copyright and 
executive control.