KRP "INVEL" 6 (10), 20,35kV to 10000kVA


Description of the PSC "INVEL"

Complete transformer substations in a metal casing (container substation) for voltage 6 (10), 20, 35 / 0,4 kV with a capacity from 100 kVA to 10,000 kVA are used for power supply of industrial enterprises, enterprises of extractive industries, infrastructure facilities. 
Equipment can be transported by any type of transport, so it is convenient to use in areas with poorly developed infrastructure.

Benefits PIR "INVEL":

  • Power from 100 to 10000 kVA; 
  • Compactness; 
  • Full factory readiness;
  • Quick installation and commissioning; 
  • Possibility of transportation by any type of transport;
  • The possibility of manufacturing schemes of any complexity; 
  • Application of high-quality materials and components;
  • Complete with high-quality equipment of own production; 
  • KTP and KRP are delivered by units of full factory readiness; 
  • Climatic modification - UHL1;
  •  Degree of protection - IP 23;
  • Service life - at least 25 years.


  • Medium voltage distribution equipment with air insulation CSR "INVEL";
  • The cells of the inputs and outgoing lines RU-6 (10) kV are equipped with three-position load-break switches and gas-insulated switch-disconnectors and / or power vacuum switches with digital relay protectors.
  • In the case of the power vacuum circuit breakers, for the establishment of the power 220 in the IF board is set to the source of the devil Conk power (SCHIBP) or direct current cabinet based on CSR "INVEL" cells. The cells of the incoming and outgoing setting the lines are voltage limiters (OPN).
  • Medium voltage switchgear with gas-insulated insulation "INVEL", etc .;
  • Low voltage switchgear of NKU "INVEL" and others;
It consists of a module by the elements and allows to create panels of any configuration in a hospital prefecture or withdrawable with various embodiments of the separation function rational nodes. On the basis of the NKEL "INVEL" it is possible to implement schemes of various devices, for example: main switchboards for currents up to 6300A; councils boards Lenia engines for currents up to 2500 A; automatic reactive power compensation systems; shields of direct current, etc.  

On commissioning 0.4 kV can be set: a load switch, AUTOMATIC sky switch fixed or withdrawable version. Protection of feeders carried breakers stationary plug-in or withdrawable execution, or fuse disconnector with a rated current 630 A (ordering possible change of the nominal values). National bus switchgear 0.4 kV are designed to work in conditions of systematic ne overloads to 1.4 * Ir, tested for dynamic (up to 275 kA) and heat (up to 100 kA) at short circuit resistance (three phase and the closure panying to " land "). In the UE, an ATS scheme with various operation algorithms can be executed.
  • Boards of own needs (SHCHSN);
To supply its own needs in the switchgear compartment provided board of own needs (auxiliaries), which is powered by a low voltage switchgear (in the case of KTP) or cells with transformers ramie own needs (in the case of the PKK). SHCHSN provides illumination and heating of compartments RU and lighting of compartments of power transformers; lighting, heating and power supply of secondary circuits of CSR "INVEL. SHCHSN has a built-ABP "INVEL" 0.4 kV and pita etsya two inputs (in the case of two-transformer KTP). In the case of use in the high voltage switchgear cabinet with power, lighting, heating, power supply secondary GOVERNMENTAL chains CSR "INVEL" cells and circuits operating current is carried out by him.
  • Accounting boards (SHCHU) (by order); 
  • Automatic Transfer Switching Board (ATS) (on request); 
  • Fire alarm and fire alarm panel (optional); 
  • Shield (s) with uninterruptible power supply (s) (SCHIBP) (on request); 
  • Power transformers with oil-filled sealed or dry insulation; 
  • Other optional equipment (on request).

Auxiliary equipment for the PSC "INVEL" 

In order to ensure normal conditions of operation of the equipment in the compartments RU mouth Credited heaters. Heaters operate in automatic mode. At the request of the customer can be installed: voltmeters, ammeters, meters, ASKUE blocks, street lighting shield and other auxiliary equipment. 


By type: 
  • left-hand or right-hand.
According to the scheme of RUHV: 
  • pass-through or dead-end.
For equipment on the HV side: 
  • with load breakers or power switches with digital relay protection for connecting the input / output lines VN; 
  • with protection of the power transformer by fuses in combination with load breakers or circuit breakers with digital relay protection.
On the equipment on the LV side: 
  • with withdrawable circuit breakers or stationary load break switches at the input; 
  • with protection of outgoing lines by fuses or circuit breakers (plug-in or stationary); 
  • with the separation of RUNN with an automatic switch (withdrawable) or stationary load switches.
Installation and commissioning of the PSC "INVEL" should be carried out by a specialized assembly organization. If necessary, the installation and adjustment of the substation can be carried out by the engineering and service department of INVENT-Electro.