Mast-type KTPM (MTP) "Electrologic" 6 (10) kV up to 250 kVA


Description KTPM (ICC) Electrologic

Complete transformer substations in a metal casing (container substation) for voltage 6 (10)/0,4 kV power from 25 kVA up to 250 kVA are used, as a rule, for power supply of objects that are not very large (industrial, agricultural, settlement and other objects).
Equipment can be transported by any type of transport, so it is convenient to use in areas with poorly developed infrastructure.
The input VN has a bracket for installation of 6 (10) kV surge arresters or overvoltage limit arresters (they are equipped with MTP at the request of the customer) KTPM is completed with detailed instructions for installation and operation. Supplied in open form by road. 

Advantages of KTPM (ICC) Electrologic:
  • Power from 25 to 250 kVA; 
  • Compactness; 
  • Full factory readiness; 
  • Quick installation and commissioning;
  • Possibility of transportation by any type of transport; 
  • The possibility of manufacturing schemes of any complexity; 
  • Complete with high-quality equipment of own production; 
  • Climatic modification - UHL1; 
  • Degree of protection - IP 23; 
  • Service life - at least 25 years.

Auxiliary equipment for KTPM (MTP) «Electrologic»

In order to ensure normal conditions of operation of the equipment in the compartments RU mouth Credited heaters. Heaters operate in automatic mode. At the request of the customer can be installed: voltmeters, ammeters, meters, ASKUE blocks, street lighting shield and other auxiliary equipment.


By construction: 
  • mast;
On the implementation of input on the high voltage side (HV): 
  • air;
By executing the input on the low voltage side (LV): 
  • cable;
  • air. 
By type of power transformer: 
  • with oil; 
  • with hermetic oil. 
Installation and commissioning of KTPM (MTP) "Electrologic" should be carried out by a specialized installation organization. If necessary, the installation and adjustment of the substation can be carried out by the engineering and service department of GC INVENT.