Block of circuit breaker RU "INVEL" 35kV up to 1250A


Description of the circuit breaker RU "INVEL" 35kV

The power switch unit RU "INVEL" is intended for electric power distribution in three-phase alternating current networks with a frequency of 50 Hz with a rated voltage of 35 kV. Including: 
  • connection of high-voltage electric receivers; 
  • connection of backup lines; 
  • for sectioning lines; 
  • use as a point of commercial electricity accounting (if there is a meter). 
The power circuit breaker RU "INVEL" 35kV is delivered in the maximum factory readiness and consists of: 
  • a high-voltage unit (cabinet) in which high-voltage equipment is placed; 
  • control unit (cabinet).  
Advantages and peculiarities of the construction of the circuit breaker RU "INVEL" 35kV:
  • Basic blocking and protection of the circuit breaker RU "INVEL" 35kV: protection against overvoltages; current protection.  
  • The high-voltage cabinet and the control cabinet are closed by doors. Doors have a rubber seal for protection of RU "INVEL" 35kV from unfavorable environmental factors;      
  • In the high-voltage cabinet are installed a high-voltage SF6 switch "AF1", current transformers "TA-A", "TA-B", "TA-C", overvoltage limiters "FV1-FV6"; 
  • The control cabinet contains the control, signaling, and protection elements necessary for the operation of the Power Breaker Unit of the RU INVEL 35kV, as well as measuring instruments;    
  • The high-voltage cabinet of the Circuit Breaker Unit is installed on a pre-prepared platform or concrete beds. On the high-voltage cabinet of the RU "INVEL" 35kV there is indicated the place of connection of a suitable and outgoing line to ensure the power supply of the control cabinet for unilateral power supply.
Installation and commissioning of the circuit breaker RU RU "INVEL" 35kV must be carried out by a specialized installation organization. If necessary, installation and commissioning can be carried out by the engineering and service department of INVENT-Electro.