Installations of reactive power compensation UKRM "INVEL" 6 (10) kV to 3150 kVAR


Description UKRM "INVEL"

Reactive power compensators UKRM "INVEL" with a voltage of 0.4 - 6 (10) kV, power from 50 to 3150 kVAr are designed to compensate reactive power in order to reduce the value of the total power in the distribution networks of industrial enterprises and other facilities.   
The use of reactive power compensators UKRM "INVEL" reduces power losses and improves the efficiency of electrical installations while improving the quality of electricity in the company's networks.   

Advantages of UKRM "INVAL": 

  • Possibility to increase the nominal capacity of the unit due to the modular construction principle; 
  • Possibility of fine adjustment of the power factor value;  
  • Longer service life of contactors and capacitors due to the use of specialized contactors with forward-advancing contacts and current-limiting resistors; 
  • The use of capacitors that self-repair after the breakdown of the insulation layer; 
  • Use of specialized controllers to automatically adjust the power factor; 
  • Small size and weight. 

Automatic installations of reactive power compensation UKRM "INVEL" allow:

  • Maintain the power factor value automatically within 0.8-1 by connecting / disconnecting the capacitor bank stages; 
  • connect and disconnect the capacitor banks manually; 
  • Provide emergency indication, indication of the current in the capacitor bank circuit, other types of indication provided in the automatic regulator; 
  • improve the quality of electricity in the company's networks; 
  • Reduce energy costs; 
  • monitor power factor values; 
  • increase the service life of the distribution network elements by reducing the load on them.

Terms of Use:

UKRM "INVEL" is used in closed industrial premises under normal operating conditions in regions with a temperate and cold climate. 
  • ambient temperature from -25 ° С to + 40 ° С; 
  • Relative air humidity at + 15 ° С - 80%; 
  • Altitude above sea level is not more than 1000 m; 
  • environment is non-explosive, does not contain aggressive vapors and gases in concentrations, destroying materials and insulation. At a temperature below -25 ° C, room heating should be provided. Climatic execution "U" for the category of location 3.1 for the atmosphere types I and II in accordance with GOST 15150