Shaped products for pre-insulated PPU pipes


Shaped products serve for installation of pipeline communications.

These include:

  • taps

  • tees

  • transitions

  • bushings for flanges

  • end elements, etc.

Shaped parts in PPU can be equipped with wires of the system of operational remote control (UDC). Only together with shaped products straight sections of pipelines create a single system that monitors the conditions of thermal insulation, containment and elements of the pipeline.

  • PE outlets

  • OTD bends

  • transitions

  • fixed supports

The fixed supports in the steel shell

  • tees

  • tee branches

  • tees parallel

  • Ball Valves

  • ball valves with air vent

  • tees with ball valve air vent

  • pipeline element with output cable

  • pipeline end elements with output cable