INVENT Group finished the tests of dry-type power transformers with cast resin insulation


Transformers 2500 kVA with cast insulation are the most modern types of dry transformers, where high and low voltage windings are filled with a specialized compound. This technology allows you to achieve great dynamic stability, efficiency in installation and fire safety of transformers.

All transformers are equipped with temperature sensors and can be installed in smart substations. These transformers are designed for operation at facilities with increased fire danger, with a cold climate.
The production of the transformer is the next stage of the localization of the electrotechnical devices of the INVENT Group of Companies. Last year, GC INVENT developed and launched a vacuum high-voltage switch in industrial operation, in which vacuum serves as a medium for extinguishing an electric arc. This year the company plans to continue expanding the range of transformers.


INVENT Group is one of the largest production and engineering holding that specializes on manufacturing power cable, transformer substations, and pre-insulated pipes and shaped products for heat-generating and heat-supplying organizations.