Chugureti substation in central Tbilisi is built up with INVENT equipment

Georgian electricity distribution company Telasi launched today two-transformer 35/6 kV substation Chugureti which replaces the outdated TPP substation.

Under the project, a new substation building was constructed and electric equipment of modern standards installed. 52 INVENT-electro distribution cells of 6 kV were installed at the substation.
The commissioning of a new power facility will substantially improve the quality and reliability of electricity supply for about 25 thousand customers in two central districts of Tbilisi: Chugureti and Mtatsminda.


INVENT Group is one of the largest production and engineering holding that specializes on manufacturing power cable, transformer substations, and pre-insulated pipes and shaped products for heat-generating and heat-supplying organizations.

JSC “Telasi” is one of the major grid companies of Georgia, carrying out distribution and sale of electric power in Tbilisi.